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1:1 Program and Class Owl Partnership

1:1 Program and Class Owl Partnership

Dear Friends,


I am excited to announce the launch of our 1:1 Program, where each student is utilizing their personal smart device to enhance their learning experience during the 2014-2015 school year.


Our 1:1 Program supports the integration and proper usage of devices, such as tablets and smart phones, both inside and outside of the classroom as a means of enabling students and teachers to collaborate and interact through digital, educational resources.


The centerpiece of the 1:1 Program is a partnership with Class Owl, a cloud-based learning platform. With Class Owl, our teachers are able to send push-notifications to the mobile devices of students. Notifications such as assignments, test reminders, project due dates and study sessions are highly utilized. Class Owl also allows for greater communication between the students and teachers during times when class is not in session.


As Grand River Academy strives to prepare our young men for college and to also become capable, ethical and contributing members to society, this program adds an additional layer of preparation for our students by empowering them to utilize technology in a responsible and efficient manner.


Onward & Upward,


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