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The Process

  1. Students can fill out the online application form, or
  2. A paper form and documents: Enrollment / Admissions Forms
  3. Submit the $100 application fee
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation (Found in the above PDF)
  5. Submit an official transcript
  6. Submit any pertinent testing (TOEFL, SLEP)
  7. Submit any other pertinent information
  8. Call to set up a Skype or phone interview (optional)

A completed application for the Academy should contain

  • An official application and letters of recommendation: Application & Recommendation Forms
  • Application fee submitted
  • An official transcript
  • Any pertinent testing and/or accomplishments

Once a student has been accepted at the Academy, we work with families to

  • complete necessary paperwork to issue an I-20
  • complete the medical and miscellaneous forms
  • submit or request necessary health insurance