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Public vs private schools is a relevant and important discussion in education today. When education is mishandled in America, it seems to be the boys who suffer most. Boys are more likely to be enrolled in special education classes, held back a grade, referred to school psychologists, and drop out of school. Overall, they are less committed to school and are less likely to go to college. Boys are punished more often and more severely. Schools have fundamental control over these results, but not all schools are willing to be accountable for them. This is the key difference between Grand River Academy’s all-boys private boarding school and public and other private schools.


Boys in the Public School System

Public schools are given a hard task: to take on more students than their staff and facilities can handle. Often because of overstretched resources and educational regulations, teachers adopt a cookie cutter approach to teaching, particularly where it concerns boys education. Students develop fewer and shallower relationships with instructors as they are directed through lessons rather than being encouraged to explore topics on their own. This can result in the school’s failing to meet the needs of all students.

Noncompliance in schoolwork or behavior often gives rise to conflict rather than discussion or adjustments to teaching methods. This is a major reason why boys receive the majority of failing grades, disciplinary actions, and other forms of negative treatment.

The Mixed Bag of Traditional Private Schools

Private schools and private boarding schools have more flexibility regarding resources and how to organize class time, but not all private schools are created equal. Not all private and college prep schools are willing to invest the extra time in students to ensure that they understand the material being taught in classrooms. In these cases, boys may not just face the challenge of falling behind in their schoolwork, they may also face rejected entry applications or expulsion if the school feels its reputation or ratings may be damaged by keeping on “low-performing” students.

How GRA Makes a Difference in Boys Education

Grand River Academy provides students and parents with a solution to the problems present in other schools. The teachers and staff at Grand River know that every boy is capable of succeeding in school, but not every student fits into the same learning mold. GRA classrooms are flexible and open learning environments where students are assured that they will be heard and get the attention they need.

Grand River is not just an all-boys private boarding school, it is an independent boarding school. This means that a board of directors holds the school accountable for its educational standards. Private schools may be run by a single person operating without accountability. Our board provides a series of checks and balances, ensuring that every decision is thoroughly weighed by a team dedicated to preserving the educational integrity and compassionate nature of our school.